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Recycle, and be Rewarded

There’s only one planet and it is our responsibility to take care of it. We, as a brand are doing our small part of being sustainable by following ZERO waste. Our agri waste is converted into manure and the production waste is recycled.

We could use some help from you to make this planet a better place. We are in an attempt to recycle all of our used packets into biofuel which will be sent to Rural Households for Cooking purposes.

After enjoying the goodness of our products, return the empties back to us for recycle and get true cash for your effort.

Recycle the TRASH to earn some CASH.

Login into your TE account

Fill the form with your details.

Handover Minimum 5 packets to our delivery agent.

Earn 50 True Cash.

Do I need to pay for handing over the empty packets?

No, you don't need to pay for the empty pouches which you handover to the pickup guy. All you got to do is hand him 5 or more empty pouches which you want us to recycle, and the rest will be taken care by us.

Can I handover other Brands' packets for recycling?

Yes definitely, we do not just recycle pouches of TE, but also take packs of other brands' which you want us to recycle for you.

For 5 packs, how much True Cash will I earn?

When you handover the 5 packs to us for recycling, an amount of Rs 50 True Cash will be credited in your True Cash account as soon we get your empty packs in our hands.

Can I send 1kg bottles for recycling or just pouches?

Yes, you can send us empty 1kg or 500g bottles and not just pouches. Any container of TE or other Brands' would be completely recycled at our manufacturing facility. You just need to completely crush the 1kg and 500g container before sending in to us for recycling.

When will the True Cash be credited in my account?

As soon as we get the empty packs which you sent us for recycling, we will be sending you the confirmation for the same, and immediately within 7-10 business days, the True Cash would be credited in your account.

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Reuse until you Recycle!

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