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Raw & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Combo

  • MRP: Rs.374
True Elements
  • Loaded with healthy minerals like Magnesium, Copper & Manganese.
  • Pumpkin Seeds contains plant-based mega-3 fatty acids.
  • Good source of Tryptophan for getting restful sleep. 
  • Pumpkin Seeds Can be consumed as a very healthy & nutritious snack, providing you with sound mind and body.
True Elements

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Why Raw & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Combo is better than the rest?

Pumpkin seeds, also known as Pepitas, are a treasured super food because of its nutritional and medicinal value. They are loaded with nutrients which can improve your health and fight diseases.

True Elements Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:

True Elements Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are AAA graded premium quality seeds, with no nutritional compromise. Just a 100g serving of these perfectly roasted seeds can provide an excellent source of protein, and minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium. Pumpkin Seeds are a chewy snack which doubles up as a phenomenal health food. They have a subtly sweet, nutty flavour with an added crunch to satisfy your crispy snack cravings.


Pumpkin Seeds, Natural Soy Lecithin

True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds:

True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds are nutritionally superior, high quality and natural seeds. They give your taste buds a tasty treat, whether eaten raw, roasted or salted. Half-cup of True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds contains about 58% of the required daily intake of iron and 34% of the daily intake of protein.


Raw Pumpkin Seeds

rintu jaison

Flavourful crunchy seeds


Packing taste are good

Vaibhav P.

Good product as expected go for it



Mr. Ganess Ch. Datta

Fresh and crunchy


Very crunchy and fresh Good option for munching

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